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By Kevin Kirkle

You have likely heard or read about the concept of the Great Resignation over the course of the past few months. What it refers to is a wave of people preparing to resign from their jobs; many, in fact, already have. Millions of American workers have left their jobs since the spring, leaving unprepared employers panicked and trying to fill vacant jobs. But why are workers leaving?


How to Create an Inclusive Training Environment

A safe space creates room for growth and retention. Enova will help you create an inclusive training environment with four simple steps.

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AGC and Enova are partnering together to solve some of construction’s most pressing issues. Together, we bring talent attraction and retention solutions to contractors across the Midwest.

Together, we believe the investment into our people assets is crucial for the advancement of industry and our nation’s economy.

  • We believe industry members, big and small, should have access to resources that allow our workforces to flourish.
  • We believe by improving talent processes, we can elevate the rates at which young people choose to obtain long-term careers in construction, manufacturing, transportation, and engineering.
  • We believe industry can make a bigger impact collectively, and together we can overcome the major hurdles we face today.

Tips You Can Implement Now

1:1 Employee Coaching

Coaching expands beyond the field, court, or mat. According to a 2019 study from the ICF (International Coach Federation) and HCI (Human Capital Institute), employers with a strong coaching culture experience higher customer satisfaction, talent attraction, and labor productivity. While coaching takes time, it’s time well spent! Use these three tips to make your coaching conversations impactful:

  • Prepare: Create a list of several questions about a current project or challenge you will ask an employee.
  • Present: Identify how to be more present when speaking to employees (Ex: turn off your phone, close email, take the conversation away from the jobsite, etc.).
  • Provide: Write down 1-2 positive pieces of feedback to share with an employee this week.
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Answering the Tricky Question: What Type of Training is Best? 

By Kaitlyn Niechwiadowicz

“We need training.” This is a common phrase heard by leaders, and a phrase some leaders fear. Why? Training means employees are taken off the jobsite or shop floor. It means employees are no longer actively generating revenue. However, training is vital to the continued development and growth of your employees and organization. So how can you ensure employees’ time is well spent in training?


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