Redefining Workplace Learning

Your company is unique. So are your employees.

Enova designs and deploys fully customized courses built solely for you and your learners.

Enova understands that training and development initiatives have to address the unique needs and cultural makeup of your organization.

Enova’s Training Consultants will work closely with you to understand your company and its distinct technical and professional training needs.  We’ll explore the challenges your business is facing and uncover the desired skill sets and competencies required to address them.

We’ll take the time to understand your employee’s current skill gaps and get to the heart of your existing learning objectives and desired outcomes.

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Training Consultant

Assess Real Organizational Needs

It is difficult to succeed if you don’t know what to do well.  Training often fails because it doesn’t address technical needs or interests of employees.

Enova joins forces with your workforce to determine appropriate training that is specific to your unique business processes. Your Training Consultants will:

  • Review specific organizational challenges and unearth hidden training gaps
  • Explore real workplace scenarios and case studies to identify where improvement can be gained through learning
  • Create relatable content that is meaningful to training participants
  • Distinguish solutions that provide you with a competitive advantage

Build Custom Training Solutions

Enova redefines how organizational training is implemented by designing and deploying fully customized technical training courses built solely for you and your learners. We build specific learning objectives that align with your business strategies. Your Training Consultants will:

  • Construct courses that range from fundamental knowledge to the extremely complex and technical in nature
  • Present you with several learning objectives that correspond directly with your unique organizational challenges
  • Identify learning outcomes that will set the foundation for how success will be measured
  • Discuss a deployment plan to ensure your organization is prepared for training delivery

Deliver Multidimensional Learning

Training methods and delivery are crucial for knowledge retention and concept adoption.  We leverage a multidimensional approach to training in order to appeal to the unique learning styles of each participant.  We understand that technical training delivery requires a more intimate approach to learning. Your Training Consultant will:

  • Design hands-on workshops that include simulated diagnostic and troubleshooting scenarios
  • Leverage various forms of technology to ensure participants receive an immersive training experience
  • Present case studies and industry-specific situations to facilitate concept absorption
  • Provide options for virtual and remote learning solutions for maximum training participation


With Enova’s custom training solutions, our partners experience a much greater return on investment:


At Enova, we are redefining the way industry attracts, engages, and develops talent.  We develop partnerships with industry to create long-term solutions.

Contact us today to learn how Enova can help enhance your processes and deliver sustainable results.

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