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Have you been asking yourself, “What’s next?” Our Recruiting Consultants work with our candidates to determine factors that are most important to you. We seek to understand your motivations and how they align with opportunities within our client organizations.


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Personality Assessments

Did you know that you were born with a certain set of preferences as it relates to your work style? Enova’s Recruiting Consultants use a specialized personality assessment tool to help us better understand the unique composition of our candidates.

Through a more thorough understanding of your preferences, we can help identify career pathways most appropriate for you.

Resume Building and
Interview Coaching

The best employees are often times not the best interviewers. Nor do they have the most stylish and well-written resumes. The best employees are those who can best execute the essential objectives of each role and provide additional value to an organization.

Enova’s Recruiting Consultants will help best market what matters most – your skills. Let us help you with resume building and interview techniques. We are here to support you.


At Enova, we are redefining the way industry attracts, engages, and develops talent.  We develop partnerships with industry to create long-term solutions.

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