Webinar Series: Identifying & Engaging the Ideal Candidate

Posted on February 3rd, 2021

Skilled labor is hard to find in the industrial and construction industries, and a lack of internal HR resources compounds the problem. Enova is here to help employers succeed with customized approaches to talent attraction, engagement, and development.



Prepare for hiring season with expert help from ENOVA Group, LLC, in partnership with AGC of Nebraska. Add these AGC-Enova partnership webinars to your calendar today and get the information you need to identify and engage the most ideal candidates for your workforce.


Session 3: Identifying the Ideal Candidate: The Interview Process Part 2

For Part 2 of the Interview Process, we’ll focus on turning your interview process from a “check-the-box” exercise to increasing candidate interest, while feeling more confident and prepared going into your next interview.
• Create promotion points to generate candidate interest in your company
• Discuss the importance of candidate questions in the interview
• Determine best practices to close the interview and set next steps in the process

 Wednesday, March 3rd  |  11:00am- 12:00pm CT


Session 4: Engaging in Effective Communication

Companies with 100 employees or less lose over $400,000 a year due to miscommunication. Why is something we do so regularly done so poorly? Communication is a required skill to influence others and find success in your role. In this session you will understand the negative consequences of ineffective communication and positive outcomes of effective communication. You will learn the four keys to effective communication and recognize and determine ways to improve your communication at work.
• Understand the negative consequences of ineffective communication
• Learn the four keys to effective communication
• Recognize and initiate ways to improve one’s effectiveness when communicating

Tuesday, March 16th  |  11:00am – 12:00pm CT

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Past Webinars:

Identifying the Ideal Candidate – Solidifying Success in the Screening Process

You posted a job and now have countless resumes to review. With a deep dive into the initial screening conversation, you will also identify how to prepare for the screening call and ways to quickly build rapport with candidates.

  • Learn tips to effectively screen candidate resumes
  • Identify steps to prepare for a screening call
  • Understand and reflect on questions to create promotion points
  • Create a list of questions to use in screening calls
Session 2: Identifying the Ideal Candidate: The Interview Process Part 1

Over 70% of candidates will tell others about a negative experience in your hiring process- don’t let your interviews be that negative experience! Whether you conduct interviews on the phone or in person, interviewing is a critical step in the hiring process and a skill that can be developed by all supervisors and leaders of people. In this two-part series, will learn how to prepare for an interview, the importance of the initial greeting, and why candidates need time to ask questions.

You will also be given time to determine interview questions to ask in your next interview and tailor promotion points about your company to increase candidate interest. With the tools presented in these two sessions, you will feel more confident and prepared going into your next interview!

Kaitlyn Niechwiadowicz (knee-shadow-wits) has been in talent development for five years and has experience with onboarding, coaching, facilitation, instructional design, and managing new hire and professional development learning programs. With six years in the staffing industry, Kaitlyn has experience working with countless client companies and candidates throughout the Midwest. Now working in the heavy equipment industry, Kaitlyn provides her organization with professional development and leadership development offerings. She also partners with leaders to provide career development coaching for employees to enhance organizational performance.


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