Tailoring Job Ads to Your Targeted Talent Pool

Posted on August 23rd, 2021

*Job Posting Successful*.  


With your job ad posted online, you envision a wave of qualified candidates eager to complete your application and interview for your open position. However, for most of us, this isn’t reality… Most likely after you posted the job, you impatiently waited (sometimes for days!) before any applications arrived. If “everyone is online”, what went wrong? Paid advertisements on job boards DO work- when executed correctly. The biggest challenge is that most companies don’t know how to leverage job ads correctly. 

While online job ads are common in today’s hiring process, it’s easy to make costly mistakes. Every major job board claims to have the best candidates, matching software, and Artificial Intelligence technology in the market. Of course, this can’t be true for all job boards, so how do you know which website is right for you? Before you spend your marketing dollars, take control of your online presence and have a clear strategy for posting job advertisements. To do this, answer the following question: 


Who is your target talent pool, and where do they live online?  


To answer the above question, consider these three steps: 

  1. Identify Your Target Talent Pool – Think about your ideal candidate. What skills are required? Does prior experience in a certain industry enhance your interest in a candidate? Often, the job description or supervisor for the open position can help you answer these questions. With a picture of the ideal candidate in mind, you are ready to identify where those candidates live online. It’s important to note one website is typically not enough. You need posted ads on job boards and social media platforms to generate online traction.
  2. Review Job Boards – Budgets are quickly depleted when marketing money is spent on the wrong sites. As mentioned earlier, there are countless job boards out there, so it’s critical to know which ones will be most impactful. Certain job boardspecialize in IT positions while other job boards focus on positions for trades workers. Seek out job board sites that speak to your talent pool. This will help ensure you invest in the platform that is right for your intended audience.
  3. Determine Social Media Platforms  Finally, social media can’t be ignored. Theres Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tik Tok, and more. Like job boards, specific social media platforms are more relevant for certain audiences. For example, most users on LinkedIn are college educated with an income of over $75,000. With this information, you may determine spending advertising dollars for hourly laborer positions on LinkedIn is not the best use of your budget. 

Posting jobs online without a strategy can be costly, confusing, and ultimately, unsuccessful.  


However, when you define your target talent pool and identify where they interact online, you’re more likely to find success with online job advertisements. While it sounds simple, it’s not easy; wanting a partner to manage your online job ads for you? Contact Enova today to learn how we can write and post your job ads and find you the right talent on a budget. 


At Enova, we are redefining the way industry attracts, engages, and develops talent.  We develop partnerships with industry to create long-term solutions.

Contact us today to learn how Enova can help enhance your processes and deliver sustainable results.

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