NMC Group of Companies launch of Enova, a talent solutions company.

Posted on September 14th, 2020

Enova is Modernizing the Talent Search with Recruitment, Technical Training, and HR Solutions

Skilled labor is hard to find in the industrial and construction industries, and a lack of internal HR resources compounds the problem. Enova is here to help employers succeed.

The NMC Group of Companies is proud to announce the launch of Enova, a multi-dimensional, comprehensive talent, marketing and business services solutions company.

The Enova team brings decades of experience to the marketplace. Providing a full suite of human resource services including recruitment, training, and engagement – along with traditional HR services – Enova, now offers its proprietary services to the manufacturing, industrial and construction sectors.

These industrial organizations are experiencing great challenges identifying, engaging, and retaining talent thanks in part due to the scarcity of the available skilled labor pool coupled with generational changes and an evolving use of technology. The necessary talent is hard to find and requires a greater level of attention to retain.

Compounding the challenges faced by these sectors is the lack of internal HR resources or the necessary budget to create the right solutions.

Enter Enova. Enova’s customized approach to talent attraction, engagement, and development helps industrial organizations who want to spend less time with reactive HR functions and more time with proactive business solutions. Enova customers spend less time reinventing the “HR wheel” and more time investing in their core competencies and customer relationships.

With proactive strategies that are designed specifically with their organization in mind, employers can increase employee engagement and manager effectiveness, reduce attrition, gain a consistent stream of skilled candidates, achieve a long-term reduction in operating costs, and create sustainable solutions for the future.

In addition to providing HR services, Enova also offers the necessary tools to become a self-servicing HR entity.

“Through conversations with our customers and trade associations we heard consistently about their struggles in finding, training, and retaining top talent,” says Enova President, Richard Kolkman. “We are excited to be helping solve these problems by creating Enova to leverage our industry specific experience to enable our customers’ success.”

About Enova

Enova performs business administration and marketing functions as operational support and human capital functions in the industrial and construction sectors. Through an exclusive recruitment methodology that is adapted to the needs of each client, Enova supports customers with professional and technical training while engaging their workforce to help them reach peak performance.


At Enova, we are redefining the way industry attracts, engages, and develops talent.  We develop partnerships with industry to create long-term solutions.

Contact us today to learn how Enova can help enhance your processes and deliver sustainable results.

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