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Leveraging Advances in Marketing to Improve Recruiting Outcomes

By Rich Kolkman

Today’s approach for acquiring and retaining new customers is radically different than a decade ago. New approaches have been employed to significantly increase customer capture rates while reducing customer acquisition costs. Much can be learned and applied to the process of acquiring and retaining new talent.


How to Partner with Your Insurance Provider

Are you getting the most out of your insurance provider? Here are some tips to help you leverage the relationship to ensure your employees understand their benefits.

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For six years, AGC Nebraska Chapter, NUCA, NMC Cat, and Enova have partnered together for Construction Career Days. We have helped introduce construction and diesel careers to thousands of 13-18-year-olds across the state. In partnership with dozens of school districts and colleges who advocate for the advancement of skilled and technical trade programs, we have helped make the connection between potential passions and high paying career pathways. Enova is proud to support the advancement of the construction industry!

Tips You Can Implement Now

Making Open Enrollment Easier for Your Employees

Your company works hard to provide competitive benefits for your employees, and for good reason- LinkedIn’s 2020 Global Talent Trends Report indicated that companies rated higher on compensation and benefits see 56% lower attrition compared to lower rated companies. Providing benefits is only the first step, though. You must also communicate about the open enrollment period and make information easy to access. Here are a few ways to keep your employees informed during open enrollment:

  1. Review verbiage used in open enrollment communication; make edits so it is easy to understand.
  2. Hold an annual meeting before open enrollment to discuss benefit changes and answer questions.
  3. Create a FAQ document to help employees with the enrollment process.
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Behind the Scenes of Competitive Pay

By Melody Claus

Creating a compensation plan can seem overwhelming, but in order to hire and retain good employees, it is necessary for companies to prioritize. Enova has a list of key points to follow as you complete your analysis. These ideas will help ensure your company is on the right track to compete with other businesses in the hiring process.


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