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By Ben Gano

Our talent team at Enova is excited to welcome our community friends and partners into a brand-new quarter. A recent labor and economy article from Politico this month said, “Wages are rising, employers are giving hiring bonuses and more Americans are quitting their jobs…the workers who were hit hardest by the pandemic are finally being empowered.” Although this candidate-driven market is likely to lose momentum with time, it certainly makes recruitment and retention efforts challenging in a year where we are poised for considerable growth.


Become a Pro: Tips on Interview Preparation

Are you prepared for your next candidate interview? Become a pro with these tips from a previous webinar hosted by Enova!

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At Enova, we develop sustainable partnerships with our communities and advocate for industry advancement. Last month, we were on site with JMN Construction out of Valley, Nebraska. We took time to understand the crucial steps JMN took to hire talent for the 2021 construction season. Their efforts allowed them to gain an early start on construction hiring, and they were able to break ground at full capacity.

Tips You Can Implement Now

Review Your Total Rewards (Benefits) Package

While it might not be open enrollment for benefits at your company, the COVID-19 pandemic changed how employees and companies view their total rewards package. For example, a recent survey by Harvard Business Review indicated 98% of HR leaders and CEOs plan to offer new or expanded benefits due to lessons learned during the last year.

When it comes to knowing what benefits are right for your company, consider:

  • Asking employees what benefit they appreciate most.
  • Analyzing the percentage of employees that utilize each benefit.
  • Brainstorming other perks the company can provide. Examples include tuition reimbursement, discounted gym memberships, free snacks/lunches, childcare assistance, etc..
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The Route to Regular Employee Recognition

By Kaitlyn Niechwiadowicz

Employees want to feel valued. They want to feel appreciated. However, in the day-to-day of project deadlines and heavy labor, it’s easy to forget the importance of acknowledging and recognizing employees. Ask yourself: Do your employees feel valued and appreciated?


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