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The Year Ahead

By Ben Gano

The upcoming year will challenge each of our organizations in ways we never imagined. Together, we will be stretched to identify new methods of performing business in a landscape that has been forever changed by the pandemic. Companies who welcome change and innovation through their doors will take a lead over businesses who resist.

Good to Great

Insights into high-performing organizations. Here are what great companies are doing differently.


Happy Workers

Great companies value the opinions of their workers and regularly ask for feedback. They drive positive changes that benefit the greater employee base. Great companies are excellent at onboarding and it typically lasts far beyond the first week of each new hire. They coach, develop, grow, and advance their employees with purpose.

Trained Leaders

Great companies talk to their employees regularly and strike a balance between work & personal interests. They are tactful at building trust and creating cohesive teams. Great companies understand the career aspirations of each employee and manage performance to help them achieve their goals.

Data Driven Decisions

Great companies know why people want to work for them…and they have data to support why they leave. They leverage technology & automate processes to create less busy work. Great companies use data to understand when change is needed and how to validate and overcome pressing challenges.

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What Employee
Engagement Looks Like

Executives from around the world say that enhancing employee engagement is one of their top five global business strategies. Not only does engagement have the potential to significantly affect employee retention, productivity and loyalty, it is also a key link to customer satisfaction, company reputation and overall stakeholder value.

According to Gallup, just 33 percent of American workers are engaged by their jobs. Fifty-two percent say they’re “just showing up,” and 17 percent describe themselves as “actively disengaged”; therefore, most employers have a lot of work to do to unlock the full potential of their workforce.

Engagement and productivity can be affected by social cohesion, feeling supported by one’s supervisor, information sharing, common goals and vision, communication, and trust. Employees want to feel valued and respected; they want to know that their work is meaningful and their ideas are heard. Highly engaged employees are more productive and committed to the organizations in which they work.

Tips You Can Implement Now

Communicate often and with clarity

Communicating with our employees may seem simple, but we also know, it does not always happen. We get busy, employees get busy – excuses are easy to find. However, it’s time to get serious about communication. It’s an investment, and employees are hungry for it. Ensure safe, two-way communication occurs often through scheduled meetings or on-the-fly conversations as you walk through the shop, job site or office. Leverage on-the-spot coaching to help employees gain confidence in their own skills and abilities.

Create a strong onboarding process

Take great care when new team members are introduced to the company, culture, and processes. When we underestimate the importance of this critical step, it often results in restarting the onboarding process because the new employee quits. With that said, we can’t confuse onboarding with orientation. Onboarding, is a thoughtful process that extends beyond the first days, weeks, and months of hire. It involves facilitating new relationships, providing key training, aligning job functions to the company’s goals, and instilling a sense of purpose, which ultimately lays the foundation for engagement and superior performance.

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kat featured post of the month


Great Managers Behave Differently

By Kaitlyn Niechwiadowicz

“Management is doing things right. Leadership is doing the right things.”

You may have heard this quote from Peter Drucker before, but how do you become a great leader? Lucky for you, Enova is here to help. We created a list of distinguishing characteristics of great managers.


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