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Shaping Intentional Cultures

How does industry create great managers? This is one of the most common questions and challenges we face today. At Enova, we’ve coined the phrase “accidental culture” to describe organizations that have found great success by simply operating under their core values. These guiding principles shape their culture and influence the way their managers behave and lead. How can we become more intentional with the way we develop great leaders and cultures? We’ve put together some insights into what high-performing organizations do every day.


How to Create a Positive First-Day Experience for New Employees

The first day at a new job is exciting, nerve-wracking, and overwhelming all at the same time. Whether you hire seasonal employees or someone that will stay year-round, it’s important their first-day experience makes them excited to come back day 2, 3, and beyond.

Enova Omaha Recruiting Team


Enova, in partnership with AGC Nebraska, are proud to congratulate our first cohort of graduates from the inaugural “Builders to Leaders” program. This 8-week program challenged the mindset of each participant as they further developed their own leadership competencies and learned methods to enhance the way they lead people. Each graduate delivered a final presentation about their journey through this program and was awarded with a certificate of program completion from Enova and AGC Nebraska. We applaud these graduates and look forward to welcoming new cohorts into the program soon.

Don’t Go Silent After Job Offer Acceptance

Many think the recruitment process ends when an offer is accepted… However, have you had an employee NOT show up on their first day? After a job offer is accepted, use these communication tips to minimize how often candidates accept counteroffers or no show on day one.

1-2 Days After Offer Acceptance:
If the candidate’s direct manager didn’t present the job offer, have them contact the individual and share their congratulations about joining the team. This conversation can also be used to ensure the candidate has submitted or has a plan to submit their notice. If the candidate shares any hesitation about their resignation, this is an indicator they may not be ready to leave their current position.

1-2 Weeks Before Start Date:
Send the details about their first day. Consider common questions and share what they can expect when they arrive. Easy questions to answer include: Will all PPE be provided? Do they need to bring their own tools? Is there a fridge to store lunch? Will you provide lunch on their first day? The more clarity you can create, the more likely the employee will show up.

The Friday Before Start Date:
Make one final connection before the weekend begins. Remind the candidate why your company is the right fit for them and offer to answer last-minute questions. If you haven’t already, provide clear directions to the jobsite/office location for their first day so they can prepare their commute to work.

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Enova recruiting post of the month


Onboarding Checklist

Spring hiring season is here! Don’t waste your recruitment efforts with improper onboarding practices. While new employee onboarding can be time consuming and burdensome for leaders who are not well prepared, the creation of a standard onboarding process and/or checklist can increase the chances of long-term employee retention and shorten the ramp-up time to employee productivity. Check out Enova’s onboarding checklist for some fresh ideas.


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