Great Managers Behave Differently

Posted on January 7th, 2022

“Management is doing things right. Leadership is doing the right things.”


You may have heard this quote from Peter Drucker before, but how do you become a great leader? Lucky for you, Enova is here to help.

Distinguishing Characteristics of Great Managers

  • Help their new employees feel welcome
  • Tell employees what they do well and where improvement is needed
  • Coach, mentor, and listen to their employees
  • Recognize employees’ unique contributions often
  • Admit their own mistakes and accept accountability
  • Communicate clear goals and vision to the team
  • Let employees know what is expected of them and then support them
  • Understand why their employees work for them
  • Talk about how employees can achieve their career aspirations
  • Say “Thanks” and show appreciation
  • Have fun and make work enjoyable


Key Outcomes of Developing Effective Managers:

  • Increased employee retention and engagement rates
  • Foundation for effective succession planning
  • Increased productivity and decreased absentee rates


How we miss the mark & what to do about it

Our industries have rich histories which spans human existence. In our workforce, we have 4 generations of knowledge which includes our closely held philosophies of how we should lead our people. The rate at which our behavior and cultures change has not kept pace with the current and emerging expectations of our labor pool. Our data demonstrates significant evidence that change is needed in order to attract and retain talent in a contentious market. As other major industry segments (e.g. manufacturing) have done in recent decades, it is time for us to reshape the way we lead our most critical assets – people.


At Enova, we are redefining the way industry attracts, engages, and develops talent.  We develop partnerships with industry to create long-term solutions.

Contact us today to learn how Enova can help enhance your processes and deliver sustainable results.

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